Food Rookie Welcome

For some, starting a new project comes naturally, well for me wasn’t that simple but somehow I’ve made it through.

3 years ago I moved to Paris!  The world’s crème de la crème de l’Art Culinaire, driven by a dream and chasing Love, ME, a Latin American half Indian Fooding Rookie surrender to fresh fruits, saturday morning street markets and everlasting amuse bouches.

Always passionate about food, new tastes, different flavors and charmed by culinary culture, I decided to  adventure myself in this lands and most of all in French gastronomy.

My Oven was the best gift I could ever ask for and since then I’m the happy  hostage of my yellow bright kitchen.

This blog is the beginning of my own Quest for food, facing my writing fears and baking without a Kitchen Aid!

I’ll be sharing with you my cooking experience, tricks and sharing my dearest recipes!

See you in the Kitchen,


Fooding Rookie


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