Food Revolution Day… Check where to celebrate in Paris!

This Saturday 19 May, the world will be celebrating the”Food Revolution Day” proposed  by Jamie Oliver Foundation .

This giant solidarity demonstration, is a worldwide movement to promote and inspire a change in people’s food habits. Their mission is to support and develop better FOOD and EDUCATION for everyone.

Nowadays, the world is dealing with an increase of obesity rate, the double since 1980; This alarming situation triggered the Jamie Oliver ‘s action. He decided to involve schools, businesses, chefs, restaurants and food lovers all over the world to put in place an alimentary program, to help the community achieve a healthier lifestyle and better education.

“We need to get back to basics and start thinking about where our food comes from.”

The key for this program’s success will be to become a conscious community and understand the food choices we make. Encouraging people to cook healthy meals from scratch and empowering people with the skills to improve their diet will have a positive effect in their quality of life.

You too can get involve, helping this cause to raise funds for food education programs.

You just have to host or attend Food Revolution Day events, which will focus on locally sourced, FRESH food and promote the need for better food education.

If you have food knowledge to share, you can also create a local food event or even better, host a dinner party!!

Remember that the ultimate goal is to bring food education back into schools. This is where it all begins.. with our children.

Just to reassure you, the 100% of net funds raised through Food Revolution Day will go to food education projects in the UK, US and Australia, don’t sit and watch! Do it for the world! We all wnt to be healthier and live a greater life=D

In Paris, several manifestations will take place, here a short list so you can all swing by and support this great cause:

In the morning : Meet the producers !
– La Ruche Qui Dit Oui, à la Bellevilloise (75020) a blind-test with fresh and industrial products.

– Le Marché sur L’Eau , fruits and vegetables taken to Paris by peniche, face à la Rotonde de la Villette (75019) Dégustation ouverte au public.

For the children too !
All day long, kids can also participate in :

– A mini-tartes class à la Fabrique Klüger (75003).

– Un atelier pique-nique chez LivingSchool (75019).

– In workshops de cuisine en famille chez Cook & Go (75009 et 75015).

– Jardins du Ruisseau (75018) to have some rest, and the gardeners will teach them how to grow roquette, épinards and more.

The Food Revolution pass by the table too!

– Participate in Slow Food Bastille pique-nique groupe, dans le parc des Buttes Chaumont.

– At La Cantoche Paname (75002 et 75011), discover with us the healthy burgers, based on soja meat and fresh salmon.

– Chez Nanashi (75003 et 75010), une assiette gourmande et bio, specially conceived by the chef, for this occasion.

– For the gluten intolerants, meet us  chez Tugalik (75006) for une dégustation de pâtisserie gluten-free gourmande.

– La Cuisine de Bernard a guided visit to all asian stores in the 13ème arrondissement.

– Maison Kaiseki (75015), where the Chef Hissa Takeuchi will do a demonstration and will teach you how to do la soupe miso and others Japan specialties.

Let’s be proactive and participate,



One thought on “Food Revolution Day… Check where to celebrate in Paris!

  1. i love jamie oliver, always watch your tv show, and i think is a great idea celebrate ” the food revolution day”

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