Hi! In Sara from Fooding Rookie

I’m a 26 years old Venezuelan half Indian wife of a French guy, living in Paris for the past 3 years and gaining some weight here and there!

Before I was a (prepare something to eat cause if u don’t u will starve) cooker, but after moving to  the beautiful and gastronomic Paris I had to put my A game on and improve my cooking skills to survive living by my own, fill up my (now) husband’s belly and shut up my mother in law’s critics!

With the time, I learned one or two things and when I receive my Oven as a wedding gift, I discover my truly passion “baking <3”. I knew I had a sweet tooth, but realize that I could really and seriously bake was the epiphany of a lifetime. So during 3 month I baked almost everyday to practice, and one day I got an internship in a French pastry shop (during easter holidays) and worked hard day and night.

Fun Fact: I cut 45 kg of strawberries in a single day (60 happy families was the result) and it totally worth it. After the amazing feeling called “satisfaction” I was sure that Baking was my vocation, since then I’m looking to go to Pastry School in Paris and looking for a job in the area!

So please, join me in this lifetime adventure with tons of Sugar, flour and eggs.

Thanks for swinging by and staying a while 🙂


Sara LL

NOTE: All of the content on this website is original content produced by me, unless otherwise noted. All content is under copyright and may not be used without permission. If you’d like to use a photo or recipe, please just email with your request. I’m usually more than happy to share.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Sara, I’m very happy to find your lovely blog. The header is beautiful and a really clever design. There is a load of energy here – it jumps off the page. Massive thanks for nominating me for the versatile blogger award and one lovely blog award. I really, really appreciated this honour and your kind words. I hope you will understand that I will not post the things required as I have too little time to post about all the topics I want to….although I loved reading yours. I have a draft folder of over 60 food related subjects I’m eager to investigate. It was great to go through the links and find some lovely new bloggers too. Cheers my dear.

    • Sally
      As always you made me blush with such kind words!
      I totally Understand you trying to juggle between life and blogging! Me too! Sometimes I spent days before answer the comments but I try hard!
      Keep doing your great work, your blog is great source of info and inspiration.
      I designed the header Lol was my attempt to really make something by my own and that represents my enthusiasm towards the blog ❤ Thank you for notice it =D
      Have a great day, and hope to join you soon in Dubai to grab a bite =P

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